The Phenomenal Qualities Project

Investigating the nature of consciousness and its place in the physical world…

Phenomenal Podcasts

2nd December 2011: Workshop on Phenomenal Concepts

Philip Goff – There is no even vaguely plausible physicalist theory of phenomenal concepts

Erhan Demircioglu – At the Gates of Consciousness: Phenomenal Concepts and Physicalism

16th-17th September 2011: Conference on the Metaphysics and Ontology of Phenomenal Qualities

David Rosenthal – Two Concepts of Mental Quality

Tom McClelland – Salvaging the Ignorance Hypothesis: A Hybrid Account of Phenomenal Qualities

Hedda Hassel Mørch – The Inferential Predicament

Phillip Goff – Against Funny Physicalism

Torin Alter – Pereboom on the Knowledge Argument and Introspective Inaccuracy

Bence Nanay – Color and Sound

Kranti Saran – Do Bodily Sensations Exist?

John Nicholas – Dead Horse Walking (Part 37)

Giovanni Merlo – The Univocity of Phenomenal Facts

15th-17th April 2011: Conference on Phenomenal Qualities and Perception

Kati Farkas – The Causal Role of Phenomenal Qualities

Michael Sollberger – Perception and Causation: The Case for Indirect Realism

Ted Honderich – Being Conscious is Something’s Being Actual – What, and How?

Paul Noordhof – Non-Manifest Representational Differences

Heather Logue – Experience of Higher Level Properties: Is there any Fact of the Matter?

Tim Crane – Are We Acquainted with Phenomenal Properties?

3rd January 2011: Seminar on Perceptual Modalities

Oliver Kaufman – Modal Signature and Perceptual Awareness

21st May 2010: Workshop on Phenomenal Qualities and Perceptual Experience

Howard Robinson – What is a Phenomenal Quality?

Matthew Nudds – The Phenomenology of Auditory Perception

Alan Thomas – McDowell’s Disjunctivism: Neither Metaphysical nor Epistemic 

Susanna Siegel – The Perceptual Significance of Cognitive Penetration

31st March 2010: Workshop on Sensory Substitution

Nick Humphrey – Sensation and Perception: The Double Province of the Senses

Jamie Ward – Sensory Substitution

Michael Sollberger – Synaesthesia and the Structural Approach to Perceptual Content

Ophelia Deroy  and Malika Auvray – A New Look on Sensory Extensions

Plenary Session

25th February 2010 : Workshop on  Wilfrid Sellars and Phenomenal Qualities

Aude Bandini –  Phenomenal Qualities and the Clash between the Images

Bandini Discussion

Jim O’Shea –  Conceptualism, Perceptual Content, and Sensible Qualities: The Case of McDowell and Sellars

O’Shea Discussion

15th March 2010: Seminar

James Trafford – Are Zombies still Conceivable?

11th February 2010: Seminar on Taste

Barry C. Smith – What Taste can Teach Us

15th January 2010: Conference on Experience and Phenomenal Qualities

Philip Goff –Consciousness as the Foundation for Metaphysics: A Cartesian Manifesto

Goff Handout

David Papineau – Can We really See a Million Colours?

Papineau Handout

Andreas Hutteman – Spelling out Non-Reductive Physicalism

Jerry Valberg – Appearing

19th November 2009: Workshop on the Phenomenal and the Intentional

Tim Crane – On the Relationship between the Phenomenal Qualities of Experience and the Qualities of the Objects of Experience

Crane Discussion

Sam Coleman – Intentionality, Phenomenality and Panexperientialism

Coleman Discussion

22nd October 2009: Symposium on Phenomenal Concepts

David PapineauOn Phenomenal Concepts



  Nik wrote @

Any news on the podcast link for these?

Would make it so much easier to listen to these.



  Richard Brown wrote @

uh oh it looks like I messed up the podcast url…sorry! It is feed://

  Nick Young wrote @

I agree, these all look really interesting but it would be nice to have them in some sort of rss feed so that people can subscribe..

I don’t have a blog so I am no expert but maybe you can find out how to do it here…


  Alessandro Gagliardi wrote @

Is it possible to make it so that we can subscribe to these podcasts through iTunes?

  Sam Coleman wrote @

Great idea – how do I set that up?

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