The Phenomenal Qualities Project

Investigating the nature of consciousness and its place in the physical world…

Project Contributors

Contributors to Date (as of October 2011):

Alter, Torin

Auvray, Malika

Bandini, Aude

Coates, Paul

Coleman, Sam

Crane, Tim

Deroy, Ophelia

Farkas, Kati

Gallagher, Shaun

Goff, Philip

Hassel Mørch, Hedda

Honderich, Ted

Humphries, Glynn

Hutteman, Andreas

Logue, Heather

Macgregor, Andy

Macpherson, Fiona

McClelland, Tom

Merlo, Giovanni

Montague, Michelle

Nanay, Bence

Nicholas, John

Noordhof, Paul

O’Shea, Jim

Papineau, David

Raleigh, Thomas

Robinson, Howard

Rosenthal, David

Saran, Kranti

Seager, Bill

Siegel, Susanna

Smith, Barry

Snowdon, Paul

Sollberger, Michael

Strawson, Galen

Thomas, Alan

Trafford, James

Valberg, Jerry

de Vries, Bill

Ward, Jamie

Additional speakers who will be contributing to the project include:

Block, Ned

Chalmers, Dave

Lowe, Jonathan

Marcel, Tony

Martin, Mike

Rensink, Ron

Schellenberg, Susanna

Tye, Michael

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