The Phenomenal Qualities Project

Investigating the nature of consciousness and its place in the physical world…

Travelling to the Phenomenal Qualities Project

The University of Hertfordshire is well connected from London. Trains depart London Kings Cross for Hatfield every fifteen minutes, and the journey takes twenty minutes. Once arrived in Hatfield, the de Havilland campus is a five minute bus or taxi ride from Hatfield Train Station. The University Bus Service runs a frequent service from the station (numbers 603, 341, 641), and taxis are plentiful (ask for ‘de Havilland Campus’). Trains also come direct to Hatfield from Cambridge and Peterborough to the North.

By road, Hatfield is a 10 minute drive up the A1 from North London. Once you reach Hatfield, follow signs to the University. There is parking at the de Havilland Campus, alternatively there is a convenient Park and Ride Bus Service as one enters Hatfield.

We are situated close to all the major London airports, and National Express coaches serve the University directly from Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick airports.

Once at the de Havilland Campus follow signs to the Event. Events will take place in the MacLaurin Building (entrance opposite the Campus) unless indicated otherwise.

If you have any queries concerning travel, please contact Sam Coleman at


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